Recently I became contributor of the Parrot project. Here is my short story…

First I started as a user of parrot by trying to develop my compiler mantra and so I started poking at parrot’s guts to debug my compiler. Occasionally contacting the developers to report bugs or ask for help.

Since I first meet Parrot I was attracted to the project. The combination of low levelness and required skills represents the kind of challenges I’m always looking for. Also it is really attractive to involve in an open source project in the early stages ( even the project has several years, its popularity is increasing due to Rakudo).

Couple months ago the parrot project re-organized itself into several teams and each one of the team leaders started blogging about it in Planet Parrot. I was following closely those posts and offered myself to help Andrew Withworth (Whiteknight) with one of the projects - specifically speaking - the embed API.

In short the project is a major overhaul of the current embedding API which doesn’t seem to fulfill user’s needs. If you want to know more about that project I’d recommend you to read Whiteknight’s blog. He has been blogging the problems encountered as well as the goals for the project.

I really want to dedicate a few words about guys in #parrot, they are not only smart but also they are willing to spend time in helping anybody as well as mentoring newcomers.

There is always help needed so if you want to participate in a cool project, join us…

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