I’ve finished migrating my site to Github Pages from Blogger, the main reason that put me here is Jekyll.

Jekyll it’s a simple yet powerful blog engine written in Ruby. While the documentation is still poor ( most of the time you end up looking at the source of other Github pages ) it is amazing what you can do with it.

Now I can blog from my preferred editor emacs, and upload it any time without paying attention to the format since pages are transformed from plain text ( markdown ) to html by Jekyll. Yeah! I didn’t get along with Blogger’s editor because of the extra junk it puts on your text.

Another killer feature is the out of the box syntax highlighting for code snippets via Pygments ( a lexer that supports over 100 languages ).

This is a bit out-of-topic thing, but nowadays Websites - are like a Frankenstein - built from several fragments integrated together: Disqus, Google Analytics, Youtube, Twitter, and so forth. The point is that I think that’s a trend we’ll see more and more in the future.

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