I’ve just finished uploading version 1.43 of DBD::Mock. Couple months ago I’ve spoken with the author and asked to be the maintainer of that module since they were not releasing new versions.

Since then my focus was narrowing down the open bugs in the queue. Now I’ve only one bug sitting there waiting to be resolved. As a goal I’ve set a calendar of monthly releases - or at least every two months - so people don’t wait a lot for bug fixes or new features.

I haven’t made significant changes to the API yet and to be honest I’ll try maintain backwards compatibility as much as I can because I don’t want to make my users change their tests. At the same time I want to introduce changes to make the API more intuitive and easier to use and bring new functionality into.

This version includes:

  • Segregated into different packages
  • Removed code coverage from POD
  • Fixed bug rt49537 Basic support for named parameters
  • Fixed bug rt70421 Build.PL now contains Test::Exception


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