Through my career I’ve experienced many software development methodologies such as Waterfall, XP and most recently Kanban, I’ve even worked with no methodology whatsoever. I don’t consider myself a big fan of the methodologies specially when they become the answer to problems like delays, low quality, misunderstandings between the product owner and the development team.

Methodology changes are the usual reaction from management to the problems mentioned earlier and I can totally understand that as it’s the main tool within their power. In my experience process and methodologies help - or at least don’t get in the way - but are never the deciding factor of the success of a team.

Last October I attended to the keynote speak of James Shore in Agiles 2011 and he was saying that today’s agile teams (or most of them) are nothing like the agile teams when the agile movement just started, like if something happened along the way and now the agile teams act like the old waterfall teams. I can totally see that happening but I don’t think it is related to the methodology those teams are working on. Even more I’d bet that Kent Beck would be still a rock-star in any methodology he works on, just because he is an A-class employee.

Where am I going with all this? my point is that ultimately what determines the success or failure of whatever you do is the people it always was and it always will be. You want results, uh? then make sure you got the right people and then start speaking about tools and processes doing otherwise is dooming yourself.

Jan 17th , 2012

Tags: Agile

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