After having an iPad unopened in my drawer for 6 months I’ve decided to give it a try, it was a gift and I was planning on selling it as it’s not a RMS compliant device. I was very disappointed that I was not able to sell it to the price I’ve set for it - even I lowered it couple times - so I imagined that I could give it a use after all and would mainly use it to read books and browsing Internet.

Was not long after that I wanted to at least be able to blog or write documents from it, I was very surprised in a bad way that it’s hell too difficult to do. My setup it’s quite simple text editor + Github but it seems to much for an iPad, I couldn’t find any app to use Git from an iPad. I even tried cloud editors such as Cloud9 but none of them work in iPad’s Safari.

Also discovered that asking for a file browser is asking too much as well. A friend told me that the device wasn’t designed for that type of work. He’s right but I didn’t give up so I went for alternative app repositories - meaning Jailbreak - then things changed quite a bit. I got iFile, OpenSSH, Git, Emacs, MobileTerminal. After all it’s possible to use the iPad to produce content. It ain’t easy but possible, as a matter of fact I’m waiting this post using it.

My next target it’s being able write some code on it, and there Textastic looks promising.

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